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Building on rocktumblinghobby is a hobby in its own right, here I'd like to show the setups and kits used by various people who have been kind enough to send in pictures of their workspace.

First up - is Craig - on the US West Coast who has sent in these photos of the way it should be done - nice and tidy!  - Cheers Craig - Andy - You can click on the image to view the full sized high rez pictures which I got from Craig.


From Craig.

"I appreciate the time and effort you devote to our hobby. I'm a relative newbie, but I've got 4 big rollers working for me, and I generally put out about 10 lbs of nice agate/jasper per week (6 or 7 complete loads so far), so I'm getting good in a hurry. "

And with this -  Craig has produced some superb ornamental and giftware as seen below.

These sort of images happen over a period of time - and with a bit of luck more visitors will send in pictures of their setups - so we can get an idea of what folk are actually up to, and see what kinds of things they generate with their machines.

Next - Don Writes. "sorry for the mess".

LOL :) - I should think so Don - that is a discrace.

My missus would kill me if my shed looked that way - how DO you get away with it?

(Of course we know Don is pulling the wool over our eyes here - and his actual setup is far smarter)  :)

Pictured above - Dons setup.

Section 1

Some polished Obsidian Teardrops and a collection of various large and small chunks of rough material.

Section 2

Rough Red Jasper, Jade, Carnelian, Leopard Rock, Verdite.

Section 3

Tricks of photography? and some before and after final polish phase.

Section 4

Highly polished Texas limb cast agate, (pink) agatized wood (mocha) and Northride plume agate.

Section 5

Finished Jaspers of various colors.

Visitor Kits

A view of other peoples tumbling kits and setups.

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