The Rock Tumbling Hobby Site - Visitors Pictures Section 3

Don Writes : "This is 'photocromic glass'. I found some years ago in an old glass factory in Pa. It is neat stuff and I can assure everyone that the color of the last pic was not altered or trick photography used in any way other than stitching the photos together. That photocromic glass really is 2 different colors under the different light sources. Purple and blue. It is tough to show in a pic"

 - Cheers Don - Andy. (I wasn't sure how the colors had been achieved!!)


Section 1

Some polished Obsidian Teardrops and a collection of various large and small chunks of rough material.

Section 2

Rough Red Jasper, Jade, Carnelian, Leopard Rock, Verdite.

Section 3

Tricks of photography? and some before and after final polish phase.

Section 4

Highly polished Texas limb cast agate, (pink) agatized wood (mocha) and Northride plume agate.

Section 5

Finished Jaspers of various colors.

Visitor Kits

A view of other peoples tumbling kits and setups.

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