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Thanks to everyone who writes in  - Here are a few of the comments I have had to date.


Thank you! I tumbled rocks as a kid almost 35 years ago. I am just in the process of getting back into the hobby and have been researching information. As I read your articles, light bulbs kept popping up as I thought, "Aha! so that's why that used to happen."

While I am sure more questions will occur to me as I actually get started, this certainly gives me an excellent foundation. I will bookmark your wonderful site and share it with fellow hobbyists.



Thank you for a very comprehensive understanding of rock tumbling.  I am a 6th Science teacher in Garland Texas and am currently teaching weathering and erosion.  We also have rock tumbling equipment that was given to us years ago but has never been used by us.  With your articles encouragement we will be attempting to start "weathering some rocks".  I appreciate your thoroughness on this subject.  We also have a rock cutter and hand polishing set up that we need to get going. Thanks



Rocks Rock has some good hints.

BLACK JACK BETTING - just for fun.