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Rock Tumbling Hobby Groups.

Rock Tumbling Hobby now has Four Facebook groups for you to join - scroll down to see the group links.

The idea behind the rock tumbling hobby groups is as follows :-

To allow members to share information between friends and other group members.
To provide a simple, free and highly visited platform for selling items created by members.
Items can include batches of polished stone, rough rock, cabs, slabs, jewelry, machinery, consumables.
To continue to maintain and develop the Rock Tumbling Hobby name on more upto date social websites.

About the groups.

There are Four groups to choose from.  The reasoning behind this is to enable members to join only those which are of specific interest to them.  For example, if your hobby or buying/selling requirements are based largely around Rock Tumbling, but do not touch on areas such as Wire Wrapping, then you can choose to only join the Rock Tumbling group.

A combined group covering all related topics could mean loading your feed with largely irrelevant information - for this reason we have created Four groups.

You can join any or all of the groups, leave at any time, and will not be spammed by admins or the owner.

At the time of writing this, (February 4th 2016), they are new.  To grow the groups, please join and share to let people know they have been created.

The rock tumbling hobby facebook tumbling and polishing specific group - for those interested in using facebook to share their creations and lapidary projects or sell them can be found below. 

If you create jewelry with your polished gemstones, then the following group is ideal for you to share the details of what you have made, or offer it for sale to other members.

For Slabbing and Cabbing, please use the following group - again, as with the above, you can trade on the board or simply post photos and share ideas and tips with other cabbers.  Feel free to trade in rough aswell as finished items.

Wire Wrapping turned into a very popular topic within the forum, with members producing stunning and highly sellable pendants and wrapped stones in various forms.  If you would like to sell some or indeed if you are a potential buyer of this kind of artwork, then the following group may be for you.

These will be promoted fairly heavily on a number of websites in the coming months - so whilst traction is always a little slow initially, the lapidary hobby is incredibly popular worldwide, so please don't worry if you are an "early bird"!!!  The member list is guaranteed to grow within a fairly short space of time.  Simply join and post away!

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