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The rock tumbler types we show below are used by many of the Six Thousand plus members of this website - by using these well known and sturdy machines you can be assured of quality and effectiveness at tumbling and polishing your rocks. 

We have teamed up with Amazon - because all of the top of the range and best selling/popular rock tumbler kits available are on there.  Naturally they are also a highly trusted retailer and the prices are spot on.  Most of the machines available are also used by members of our forum, so you will have absolutely no problem getting advice on how to get the best results from whichever tumbler you decide to purchase.  We have a few suggestions - or visit the first link to automatically display EVERYTHING Amazon has!

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(Above - what to expect with a good rock tumbler.)

Rock Tumbler Lapidary.  

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This rock tumbler starter kit is an ideal introduction to the craft of tumble polishing rocks and gemstones.

This best buy kit includes withing the price a high quality Lortone 3 lb. rock tumbler/polisher (model 3A), rough stones for polishing, 4 stage tumbling grit pack including course, medium, pre-polish and polish stages, plastic cushion beads to prevent cracks and Lortone's illustrated tumbling guide. - everything you need to get started turning rocks into polished gems for gifts, jewellery and ornamental purposes.              


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This single barrel Lortone Model 3A, 3 lb capacity rock tumbler is perfect for the hobbiest getting into rock polishing.

The powerful 110 volt motor is designed for continuous use and is fan-cooled for a long life. Lortone offers a 1 year limited warranty on their rock tumblers.


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Sturdy, one-barrel rock tumbler and starter kit from Thumler's Tumbler, widely regarded as the top of the line in polishing equipment.

The A-R1 features a molded rubber barrel, large motor with overload protection to prevent overheating and high quality construction. This is a professional quality unit ready for years of reliable use at home, at school, in the studio or in the lab.      


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The robust and versatile Model A-R2 twin-barrels, 6 lb. capacity rock tumbler from Thumler's.  This twim barrel tumbler runs two 3lb. capacity,  long-life, molded rubber lined barrels simultaneously for increased capacity over the A-R1 model.

This is the ideal tumbler for small/medium batches of single-type stones, jewelry burnishing, brass polishing, coin cleaning, etc. Thumler's "A" series of tumblers feature long-life, heavy duty, fan-cooled motors with auto-shut off for overload protection.

Built to last.

With your own rock tumbler, its possible to make sturdy pendants, charms, necklaces, bracelets, beads and crafts, display items for the home such as handmade ornaments with the personal touch with your choice of color - and they always make a beautiful gift too.   Tumbled gemstones to look out for include Amethyst Crystals, Various Agate, even pebbles you find on the beach - also amber can be hard but does shine up Compare our prices - we offer a great range of rock tumbler barrels and equipment.  Amex, Cirrus, MasterCard, Visa, Meastro are all accepted methods of payment with secure payments and transactions.