The Rock Tumbling Hobby Site - Lesson in Obsidian

Banjocreek writes - I had a bunch of Snowflake Obsidian splinters and scrap I threw in a tumbler and brought full cycle to polish.  After nearly 3 weeks in the Tin Oxide, I found that the pieces were satin in texture, but not glossy.
I gropped around in the pellets and polish and came across a rock that had at least a little depth to it, and "Wullaa", it had a beautiful shine.  My conclusion is that the pieces were so flat (some less than one eight inch thick) that were was not enough contact. Whereas the rocks (only 3 or 4) that began with more of a third dimension came out beautiful.
I believe that I need to maybe slice some of these in half of maybe quarters to give them some thickness and send them into the 1000 grit, and then back to the Tin Oxide after they have a little more mass(?). Anyway thats my story.  The photos have the thicker stones in the center and you can see the difference against the wide flat ones on the outside.
There were only enough scraps to fill the bottom of a 1.5# barrel up to one half inch. The rest was pellets and polish foam.
So I think I'm on track and started my 15#er with Obsidian and this is my test and a good learning experience.

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